"Creative directors must have a vision—and all the sensibilities and skills that back that up—and the temperament, people skills, and discipline to manage the design process. No one in my experience does that better than Susan Edelman. What Susan brings to Black Sheep Design is decades of achievement in design and capable management of the process. There is little she hasn’t seen. But she also brings some special qualities to go along with the broad experience. Susan is confident and mature. She is a Creative Director who listens and then translates the client’s needs into an integrated design vision and all its component parts. Susan is always able to keep the big picture in front of her even while fine-tuning the smallest detail. This creates a consistency in the product that will make it much more effective in communicating its message."

"Both Susan and Jodie enjoy bringing information and visuals together to create a product that inspires and informs…and they are both extraordinary at it. They are not only excellent designers, though, they are deeply experienced in serving multiple clients who have different needs, expectations, goals, and ways of communicating. They are Zen masters of the process, deadline oriented, and excellent communicators themselves. I don’t think you could do much better in choosing a design shop for a broad variety of needs large and small."

— Paul Spring, former Editorial Director of This Old House Ventures and Chief Content Officer, The Taunton Press


"Working with Jodie was a true pleasure. She understands that great design is not about the designer, but rather about helping clients achieve their goals. She is a talented designer and a great collaborator, and you can always count on her to get the job done creatively, on time and on budget."

— Lee Anne White, Former Editor-in-Chief, Fine Gardening Magazine


"I've known and worked with Susan for over 25+ years. In that time, I have never met a more talented, problem solving, conscientious person. That may sound hyperbolic, but it’s not. I have lost count on the numerous occasions she has come up with wonderful and elegant solutions for design problems. In what seems a snap of the fingers she can bore right in and gracefully solve just about anything from a typographic issue to that nagging question….'Why doesn't this work?'"

— Robert Goodfellow, Art Director, Fine Homebuilding magazine


"Susan is one of the rare design directors who understands how to marry form and function in a way that engages and speaks to the end user. An expert at identifying the visual and communication style that is just right for each project, she brings a clean and strong sense of design that is always perfect!" 

— Kathy Davis, Executive Director, Strategy and New Product Development, College Board


"I worked both with and for Jodie in publishing for a few years. She was a wonderful boss with a perfect balance of a sense of humor and pure talent. She has a great sense for classic design and is a topnotch problem-solver--as all good designers are, but she became a favorite co-worker because she is bubbling with life and laughter. She brings joy to the people around her while getting the job DONE."

— Brittany Carlson, Associate Art Director, Creative Services


"As Creative and Editorial Director at The Taunton Press,
Susan was charged with the very large and essential job of assuring that every product the company released not only met the high standards the business required but to do so in a changing media landscape. A pretty tall order that was successful because of Susan’s many artistic talents, her unerring knowledge of Taunton’s customer desires and expectations, and her unusually strong collaborative and management skills." 

"As an editorial art and design professional, Susan was a superb partner on the product side. She brought her design knowledge and expertise to a very broad range of consumer products in the house and home category:  print and digital books and magazines, both new and redesigns; websites and paid digital products; and Taunton’s first television show, now in its fifth season. Susan and I also worked together on developing prototypes for possible new products. My colleagues and I found Susan’s ability to engage both the editorial and art parts of her brain in the creative process to be unique and the very definition of true creative collaboration."

— Maria Taylor, Former Vice President and Publisher, The Taunton Press


"Jodie brings big ideas to life with thoughtful, beautiful design. She is able to translate business requirements rapidly into high-quality, user-friendly experiences across a variety of platforms, both digital and print. Hire her and you won't regret it!"

— Jason Revzon, SVP, Taunton Interactive


"Jodie’s superpower is translating verbal to visual, not only evoking the literal but also capturing the emotional essence of the concepts. Whether art direction or illustration of a written piece, or translating and creating a visually satisfying user experience from a non-creative's limited descriptions, Jodie delivers the goods. Her keen eye is coupled with great generosity of spirit and a wicked sense of humor. It is delightful to work with her."

— Leslie Kern, Director, Taunton New Media


"I was fortunate to work directly with Susan when I came to Taunton and immediately saw a person whose creative mind could work in many ways. Under her direction a full staff of art directors was enabled to create across multiple platforms. Writers got the guidance they needed to build compelling copy. And constantly we were all encouraged and challenged to grow. Susan’s eye on our Promotion work made sure we were always creating pieces that met the customers’ needs and answered their questions, for a fulfilling user experience. In additional to her upbeat personality, Susan’s creativity, problem-solving approach, and her ability to communicate well across disciplines made her everyone’s go-to person when faced with a challenge. I recommend Susan highly." 

— Joan McBennett, Sr. Director, Promotions and Advertising Services, The Taunton Press


"Jodie was a delight to work with at the Taunton Press. She epitomizes the creative process across all media, from ideation to execution. What I love most about Jodie, aside from being a pleasure to work with, is her willingness to iterate, adapt and try something new." 

 — Antonio Reis, Product Manager, Taunton Interactive


"As Taunton’s Creative Director, Susan’s insightful understanding of corporate and market challenges guided her staff to produce tasteful, functional, award winning products.  Susan's quick eye and problem solving skills made her the "go to" talent for all divisions within the company. In a creative, hardworking environment Susan's calm demeanor created an atmosphere of professionalism and respect. Her leadership qualities and influence over staff are enviable, creating a loyal following and lifetime friendships."

— Rosalind Loeb, Taunton Books Art Director and former Creative Director, Quayside Publishers