About Us

Welcome to Black Sheep Design, a creative studio built upon more than 50 years of collective publishing experience in print and digital design for magazines, books, advertising and promotion. 

Black Sheep was formed in 2016 by Jodie Delohery and Susan Edelman, two longtime friends and business colleagues with complementary strengths and talent. Our partnership has evolved throughout our work together in many major design projects at The Taunton Press, a leading publisher of multi-media special-interest information for passionate enthusiasts, and now in our work for a broader pool of varied clientele. 

We thrive on creating products known for their strong editorial integrity and high-value design aesthetic, and aim to work collaboratively and effectively in the interest of the best product possible for our clients.

We can independently or cohesively create products in many formats: books, magazines, websites, and digital publications. We can also provide creative work in advertising, marketing and promotion, as well as corporate branding. 

What our clients value equally is our commitment to keeping up with evolving technology and shifting industry requirements for creative efforts. 

Our services can guide you at a strategic level from overall branding and design direction, to hands-on execution and production. Whatever the needs are, we can come up with a solution that works best for you. 

Most of all, we are FUN to work with, and always love a new challenge and adventure!


The two ewes


My expertise is in collaborative content design, layout, and production for books, magazines, websites, and interactive features for both established brands and the development of new products. I also have extensive experience in designing campaigns for marketing, advertising, and promotions as well as corporate branding and new product brand development. At Black Sheep design, I am able to translate this expertise into any project imaginable, whether within the publishing realm or outside. 


My career in publishing design and creative management has given me solid experience in forming and guiding unique visual treatment of content brands. I have been a critical resource for publishers and editorial teams to help elevate the value of their products, shepherd ideas, and maintain standards of quality. I have structured and staffed both editorial and creative service teams, training and mentoring many talented designers and editors.

My design expertise is in all content media forms, marketing, and branding including the design, or design direction, of many products including books, magazine start-ups and redesigns.